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If you have...

  • Strong People Skills
  • A Desire to Help Others
  • Good Management Skills
  • The Desire to Be Your Own Boss
  • The Need to make a Difference in your Community
  • The financial ability to make the Commitment
  • A Comprehensive Business Background

Then you should consider a new opportunity with Home Care Network Inc.

Home Care Network Inc. is excited to be expanding its unique, high-quality professional service business through franchise opportunities across Canada to better serve the national needs of our clients.

Now is your chance to become part of a rapidly growing industry. If you have a commitment to excellence, boundless energy and a desire to succeed, follow these steps:

  1. Learn more about Home Care Network Inc. services by carefully browsing our web site. Complete a Confidential Personal Introduction Form. Download the form here* This provides us with your background information, qualifications and resume. Just as you need to determine if Home Care Network Inc. is right for you, the company will need to learn a bit more about you.
  2. Upon careful consideration and acceptance from Home Care Network Inc. we would ask that you review the Home Care Network Inc. Introductory Franchise Information Package. A copy of the Package can be downloaded (using your User Name and Password provided by our office) Click Here
  3. Evaluate your commitment to owning and operating your own franchise. Examine your personal and financial situation. Does Home Care Network Inc. offer a good fit?
  4. Subsequent to an in-depth meeting and continuation, a Non-Disclosure Agreement must be executed, accompanied by a deposit of 50% of territory requested in way of a certified cheque, We will hold the specific Franchise area for thirty (30) days, in order for you to finalize business, financing and legal requirements for the start-up of your Franchise business. The deposit will be applied against the Franchise Fee, payable in the event that you are granted the Franchise. If you decide not to proceed with the Franchise opportunity, for any reason, the entire deposit less $1000.00 will be returned to you (excluding franchise applicants in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario). If Home Care Network Inc. declines your application at any time prior to the 30 day time frame, your deposit less $500.00 will be returned to you (excluding franchise applicants in the provinces of Alberta and Ontario).
  5. Upon execution of the Non-Disclosure Agreement and payment of the deposit, you will be provided with Home Care Network Inc.ís Detailed Franchise Information Package. Review the information with your attorney and accountant. Signature of all parties is required on the last page of this document, verifying review.
  6. Meet with the Home Care Network Inc. President and Directors. This is your opportunity to meet with a certified account Manager/President, so that we may get to know each other better and discuss the business in more detail.
  7. Discuss any concerns/questions with a member Home Care Network Inc. At this time Home Care Network Inc. will conduct appropriate screening and finalize the agreement.
  8. At this time, you will sign the Franchise Agreement to become a Home Care Network Inc. Franchise. You will provide Home Care Network Inc. the balance owing on your Franchise Agreement by way of certified cheque and will, in-turn, receive a copy of Home Care Network Inc.ís Confidential Operations/Training Manual.
  9. Home Care Network Inc. will assist you with your business set up.
  10. Continuous support for the duration of your contract.

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