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HOME CARE NETWORK INC.'s commitment and dedication is reflected through the extraordinary efforts of our Management Staff:



The driving force behind Home Care Network Inc.'s initial and ongoing development, Deborah draws upon 17 years of experience in the service industry which has enabled Home Care Network Inc. to become not only well-respected but a real value to the Edmonton community.

At the age of twenty, Deborah Donick, packed all her worldly possessions into her 1986 Plymouth Arrow and began her journey East from Langley, British Columbia ending up in Edmonton, Alberta. Deborah began working in the Hospitality Industry and for the next 17 years progressed from a banquet server to General Manager. Each property was tremendously successful for several reasons: they had a comfortable, non-intimidating environment for staff, management and clientele. Staff and clients were treated like royalty and customer service was a part of every interaction. The experience and opportunities presented to Deborah in the past 17 years have allowed her to challenge every aspect of her life.

There was one very special mentor in Deborah’s life. As the owner of one of the hotels Deborah worked at for 12 years. Her mentor made a huge impression on Deborah as did the staff and management she was privileged to work along side year after year. She literally could feel this sense of security and strength take place over the years. This was the environment she wanted to create no matter where her next venture would take her; an environment where lives would be changed.

The next two years
By the age of 35, Deborah had spent 17 years earning a living in various Management Sales/Marketing and operations positions. The thought was “it is time for a career change”. She sold automobiles at a new car dealership (3 whole days), did contract work setting up divisions in Major Hotels, Total system set up for an new hotel, worked along side the owner of a Salon/Spa advising them on all aspects of their operation and took a little time off to travel and seriously revaluate her future.

She then found herself in a position where she was being recognized as a top performer in her consulting practice and rewarded with a lot of money.Deborah knew there had to be a better way.

Deborah’s ambition was to start her own company, but in what. A year of research pointed her in the direction of the Home Care Industry. With no experience dealing with the medical side of life, she knew from her research though that the aging population, the sandwich generation (of which she is one of) and the fast pace of people’s lives, that there would be a fit with “In-Home Non- Medical Personal Care”.

As Deborah continued in the research she began to see that the majority of the customers, after spending thousands of dollars were none too happy with the competitors in the market place. A major void needed to be filled. Having a background in Sales/Management/Operations, an interest in people and the community she lives in, she knew it had to be a combination of all three.

The Move
Deborah finally decided to do the right thing; she closed her contracts, took a second mortgage on her house, landed a couple investors and dove right in. Pre-sales by way of Networking, Direct Sales, Advertising, Email messaging, Fax broadcasting and on going meetings had already began in October 2002, things looked promising so the plunge was taken in January 2003 to register/trademark Home Care Network Inc.

The Dream
Since then, Deborah has done little else but perfect the operating systems & services she now offers through her operation, Home Care Network Inc. She began franchising her system in 2003.

Transitions to Franchising
The majority of people that are interested in becoming a Franchise Operator do want the flexibility of running their own business. Many had friends that were unhappy with other franchise companies for various reasons. Many people wanted the freedom to add services, products or change their pricing structure to make their business more successful as opposed to being confined by the regulations of a franchise company.

Most entrepreneurs just need to learn some skills required for success and have a system of operating that was proven. The Home Care Network program that Deborah and her team designed have what they need.

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National Director, Marketing & Communications

Home Care Network puts Bonnie's abilities to use in the production of all promotional pieces, artwork and website design and management. Her 22 years of experience in the Administrative and Graphic Design fields keeps these systems running at peak performance.

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Our team, whose talents/skills and heart, created this company, combine the knowledge and know-how as well as the commitment needed to successfully manage Home Care Network Inc.


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