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What makes our Care Givers different?

  • Our Care Givers come from all walks of life and are individuals from within your community.
  • We look to employ people who are good people themselves and truly love to help others.
  • Very often they, or someone close to them, has been through the same sort of situations you may be facing and they are looking to help in the same way they saw was previously needed for themselves or a loved one.

    How do you prepare your employees and what makes them different from other companies?

  • Every Care Giver is introduced and oriented to each client's individual needs, ways and habits so that you are treated the way you are accustomed to, not the way someone else thinks it should be done from a text book.
  • We match Care Givers that already have the skills and experiences necessary to assist you and then mentor and coach them to be oriented to your way of living.
  • We are looking to foster a loving, caring, stable and lasting relationship between you and our staff...it starts with the way we treat you and our employees.

    Who pays the Care Giver? Do I pay them and you separately?

  • We administer all the billing on a bi-monthly basis. The Care Giver hands you an invoice and you present her with a cheque for services provided.
  • We, in turn, pay the Care Giver.

    How are your services charged?

  • We charge two ways: weekly, or on a bi-monthly basis - based on your needs.

    Are your services affordable?

  • Yes, our Care Giver program can be arranged to fit your needs. Because you decide how often and when you need us, you'll find us very affordable and convenient.
  • Family, friends and charitable organizations often come together to help facilitate the availability of services.

    Are your services limited to seniors?

  • No. We also provide services to new mothers/families/and those recuperating from recent illness or injury.
  • We offer assistance, making sure that mom is getting some much needed rest or by providing reliable services during recuperation that may involve visits to doctors, therapy sessions or other medical professionals.

    Are your services available in retirement communities, assisted living facilities or nursing homes?

  • Yes. We provide seniors and others who are in need with that little extra help in managing their everyday life or who require additional attention and/or personalized service.

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